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What Do People Look for When Going to a Restaurant?

How do people tell the difference between great and substandard restaurants? Is this restaurant good enough to attract and hook customers? These are some of the most fundamental questions every restaurant owner should have in their minds.

10 foods that help prevent the flu

We’re about to hit flu season. To stop ourselves falling ill, we can try including these 10 foods in our weekly diet. Doing so will help strengthen our immune system and efficiently combat the flu.

Seasonal cuisine in winter

Sophie`s seasonal cuisine shows you which food is popular in the winter.

Thrilling Facts about How Weather is Affecting Restaurants

Did you know that the weather is very important when comes to restaurants? In this article you will find out why and what you should do in this case.

Restaurant Event Ideas for Cold Seasons

Holding events is a powerful way of encouraging customers to come to your restaurant even in the coldest weather. As a restaurateur, you might have noticed that your customer inflow fluctuates with the weather patterns. For this reason, you have to learn how to make the most of different weather conditions.