Tandoori Gobhi

Tandoori Gobhi


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The Average price for Tandoori Gobhi is :
13 AUD
11 CAD
United Kingdom
4.5 GBP
Hong Kong
85 HKD
152.4 INR


Tandoori Gobhi usually contains Crisped patties stuffed with lightly spiced potatoes. and is cooked using the below mentioned ingredients. Of course its exact list of ingredients varies for each restaurant.

Where can I eat Tandoori Gobhi?

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Show 94 restaurants on map

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Saanjhi Rasoi

City: Ghāziābād, Plot no.45 ,Shop No. 7, LGF, B... Nr. of Dishes: 144

Chickens of Ludhiana

City: Delhi, 489/55/11,Malviyanagar corner... Nr. of Dishes: 83

Preets Punjabi Swad (Wakad)

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Mayur Restaurant (Pragathi Nagar)

City: Hyderabad, FLAT NO.91 PLOT 561 SATYABHAMA... Nr. of Dishes: 203

Yashraj Family Restaurant

City: Pune, Chandan Nagar, Pune, 411014 Nr. of Dishes: 270

The Purple Pan

City: Bengaluru, 5/111, 1st Block, Near Navrang... Nr. of Dishes: 199

Mahesh's Mansarovar

City: Lucknow, Plot No. 8 Commercial, Near Ba... Nr. of Dishes: 274

Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine

City: Toronto, 287 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V... Nr. of Dishes: 80

Yummy Paradise

City: Hyderabad, Opp_KS Bakers Miyapur hyderaba... Nr. of Dishes: 262

Four in One & The Vegetarian Adda

City: Noida, Atharva Market, Near Shivar Ga... Nr. of Dishes: 176


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